The Advantage of All Girls

When making a choice between a co-ed school or a single sex school there is much debate. Anecdotal evidence and research both indicate that there is tremendous benefit for children in a single sex environment. According to research 75% say that the all girls environment taught them that women can achieve anything

Academic Success

In a recent study, there were more than double the top academic results for girls in girls’ only schools than in co-ed schools. This is a pattern we see in Matric results in South Africa. Girls learn differently and the classroom environment can be customised to make the most of this. When one considers the compounding effect this has over 12 years of education, it is not surprising to see how well girls finish.

Best Practice Teaching

From the Foundation Phase it is apparent that girls are at different developmental phases than boys and this should be used to their advantage. They read earlier, their language skills are better and they think differently as a result. Language and vocabulary capacity play a significant role in thinking skills and conceptual development. Your daughter can benefit from being in an all girls’ school that understands the differences and provides an education specifically designed to meet her needs and developmental stage.

Care and Support

Research indicates that girls place more emphasis on interpersonal relationships than boys, which may provide girls with beneficial social support… Compared to boys, girls are more likely to socialize in smaller groups, share more personal information with each other, and emphasize helping behavior over competitive behavior in their friendships. Dr. Lisa Damour, Center for Research on Girls at Laurel School, Girls and Their Peers

Leadership and Confidence

In terms of a girls’ self-development and leadership capacity, there is no doubt that seeing girls in every leadership position, fulfilling each role in teams or groups, there is a strong message that girls can do whatever they set their minds to. 93% of girls at girls' schools say they were offered greater leadership opportunities at school and 80% of girls from all girls schools go on to hold leadership positions after school.

This is far more effective in dismantling the stereotypical views of girls and women when it comes to equality and identity. Confident, stronger and independent women emerge from a girls’ only school. They are more comfortable with themselves and focus on what matters to them, going on to study according to their own interests because they have higher aspirations than, and greater motivation than, their peers at co-ed schools.

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Beyond School

St Mary’s has an excellent track record of helping their students gain places at the University of their choice. Research has shown that 98.7% of students at all girls schools expect to earn a four-year degree after school.

Girls’ schools prepare and inspire pupils with pertinent knowledge by educating them to be resilient and confident. There is no obstacle preventing girls from exploring a career in any area. 83% of girls from all girls' schools perceive themselves to be better prepared for tertiary education than their co-ed counterparts - this is supported by research which focused on their actual performance.

Girls from all girls' schools are three times more likely to enter Engineering than co-ed students. To achieve their best, girls need to be challenged in the right way and be in an environment which constantly reminds them that there is enormous potential and power in being a girl. 80% of girls’ school students report most of their classes challenge them to achieve their full academic potential

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