Why work at St Mary's?

St Mary's is an equal opportunity employer. St Mary's is a school that is dedicated to helping girls develop their potential. If you are passionate about teaching and want to educate girls who are empowered and encouraged to create the future, then St Mary's is the school for you. Our philosophy is that our girls need to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, culturally and socially.

With over 111 years of tradition and success, St Mary's is dedicated to transforming inspired girls into remarkable women.  Our teachers are passionate about providing our girls with the best possible education. It's about giving them the building blocks they need today to build a successful tomorrow.
Even with our 100% university acceptance rate, we strive for more than just academic excellence. We want our girls to feel valued and supported in their school environment. By building them up to be the best that they can be, every girl is given the support she needs to realise her full potential. This support comes from our team of talented teachers.
To give her the best, we look for the best in our teaching staff.


The staff at St Mary's are passionate about what they do. We firmly believe that each and every girl possesses the potential to pursue her dreams, and to realise her ambitions. We don't educate girls for the future, we educate girls to create the future.


Every teacher is treated as a professional, and they are encouraged to innovate in order to provide a learning environment that stimulates curiosity, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.


We pride ourselves on providing the best possible working environment. We support our teachers in their ongoing professional development and ensure that their classrooms are fully equipped. Aspiring to be a world-class school means having a world-class team of teachers.

Staff Vacancies

There are no staff vancancies.


There are no upcoming events for Staff.


St Mary's is committed to developing future teachers who will have a positive impact on their students and their communities. We welcome teacher trainees into the St Mary's family every year.

As valued members of our family, they are involved in all aspects of teaching including administration and extra-murals. They are given a sound educational experience that will allow them to survive and thrive in the ever-evolving field of education.

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With more than 111 years of teaching experience, we believe in excellence.

We work with a qualified and passionate team of teachers who are dedicated to inspiring girls to become remarkable women.

currently we have over 100 teachers with an average of 20.7 years experience
5%Masters Degrees
20%Honours Degrees

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