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Mrs. Wendy Ross

Mrs. Wendy Ross


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In Junior Primary, each girl’s personal growth is developed in a caring environment – focusing on growing her unique strengths, and encouraging them to build and grow friendships. The early developmental ages are the most important to start unlocking their potential and growth.


At St Mary‘s we focus on building character and inspiring young minds through specialised areas that are constantly being adapted to keep up to date with changing trends.

These include:

  • Thinking Skills: Habits of Mind, Thinking Maps and Visible Thinking Routines,
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ),
  • Big Sisters, Saints’ Sisters Family Groups and the Buddy Programme: Social Emotional Learning
  • A focus on reading using the Time to Read Programme,
  • Allowing girls to express themselves in our Creativity Centre.

Learning in a loving, caring environment gives our Junior Primary and Grade R girls’ (known as Little Saints) a strong foundation. Our experienced, nurturing teachers cultivate and instil curiosity and a love of learning in girls with a major focus on their holistic development. Our philosophy is to promote a Growth Mindset and to challenge them to be curious. Through educational games, use of our world-class Creativity Centre (or CC as our girls call it) and free play, we inspire young minds – developing cognitive, social and creative thinking skills. A nature of spirituality is taught and encouraged in this phase staying true to our motto ‘Service Before Self and God Before All‘.

In our classrooms, we have enhanced sound systems that improve acoustics to create an optimal learning environment. These FM systems make it easier for children to hear the teacher clearly in the midst of general classroom noise – to maximise their listening skills and learning.

We also offer an aftercare facility, ‘Saints Kids’, for girls in Junior Primary and Senior Primary for your daughter’s safety, run by three full-time staff open every afternoon after school until 17:00. Girls are given a snack, supervised during homework, and enjoy time playing with their friends.



Grade R

Learning through play – Nurturing young minds at school

At St Mary’s, we recognise and value the uniqueness of each little girl, and we believe in providing them with a nurturing environment right from the earliest stages of their education. Our team of specialist teachers are dedicated to inspiring our cherished “Little Saints” in a caring and loving atmosphere that encourages them to freely express themselves through both work and play. We understand that play is a vital aspect of a child’s development, and we embrace it wholeheartedly.

By actively involving our students in hands-on activities and providing them with stimulating learning experiences, we cultivate their curiosity and foster a love for learning. To achieve this, we handpick exceptionally talented teachers who bring both their expertise and passion to everything they do. They are dedicated to nurturing the individual strengths and talents of each child, creating a supportive and encouraging environment for their growth.

Our goal is to provide an education that not only enriches your daughter’s academic abilities but also nurtures her social and emotional development. By offering a balanced curriculum and a wide range of experiences, we strive to instil in our girls a lifelong love for learning, resilience, and the skills needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

At St Mary’s, learning through play is at the heart of our approach, and together, we’ll shape a future filled with endless possibilities for your precious daughter.

Grade R programme

Computer (ICT)
Religious Education
School Readiness
Theme lessons
Physical Education
Time 2 Read

Grade R facilities offered

2 Large Verandahs
Fairy Garden
Beningfield Library
Mud Kitchen
Block Construction Area
Jungle Gym
Cognitive Room
Kitchenette (For baking activities)
Creative Area
Sand Pit
Cycle Track
Fantasy play area
Theme Room

Junior Primary


Each girl will be given the attention she needs to thrive from a young age through ongoing support and motivation. She will have no limits to what she can achieve. The St Mary’s SMART Centre (St Mary’s Accelerated Remedial and Therapy) has our on site dedicated Remedial Specialists available to offer assistance when required. Through our intentional classroom designs, daily activities and structured routines, girls can develop a sense of independence throughout their early developmental stages.

Our experienced teachers ensure that each little girl that enters this phase is given the attention she needs. Through ongoing support and motivation, she is shown that she has no limits to what she can achieve.

Subjects offered

Life Orientation
Physical Education
ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
Religious Education
Thinking Skills

Junior Primary


Our philosophy of ‘Success Through Participation’ allows your daughter to get involved in various sporting programmes where she can develop her skills, build her character, and most importantly have fun.

With our world class facilities, which include 2 swimming pools, an astroturf, an indoor sports centre and a Dance studio, there is room for her to explore a sport that she can thrive in. Through immersing herself in the different sports, she will be able to build and reveal her character. We offer something for everyone here.

Sports on offer

Cross Country
Gymnastics (For Grade R and Grade 1)*
Madsen Hockey Academy*
Karate Club*
Ballet, Modern, and Hip-Hop dance*
*These are paid-for extras

Junior Primary


Our Junior Primary offers a remarkable array of facilities designed to foster and enhance the development of your young daughter.

From our exceptional amphitheatre to our dedicated dance and gymnastics arena, our facilities cater to a diverse range of interests and personalities. With 2 heated swimming pools, 7 tennis courts, and 2 sports fields, there is something for everyone to discover and enjoy.

Moreover, our state-of-the-art music school, ‘Soundscapes,’ is meticulously crafted to provide a conducive environment for learning and tutoring in the realm of fine music and instrumental skills.

Facilities available

Primary School Library
Creativity Centre
Dance Studio
Gymnastics Arena
2 Heated Swimming pools
Indoor Sports Hall
Information & Communication Technology Lab
LRC - Lecture Theatre
2 Netball Courts
SMART Centre
Soundscapes (St Mary’s Music School)
2 Sports Fields
7 Tennis Courts
Water-based Astroturf

Junior Primary


We believe in providing your daughter with opportunities to explore her artistic side, nurture her creativity, and discover the joy of self-expression. Our cultural programme offers a gateway to a world of artistic exploration and growth.

Within our esteemed institution, your daughter will have access to a diverse range of cultural enrichment activities, including dancing, singing, and learning the violin and recorder.

Our magnificent amphitheatre serves as a captivating venue for outstanding musical concerts and dramatic performances, showcasing the remarkable talents of our girls year after year. Every year we host a speech and drama festival and play production.

Moreover, our state-of-the-art Creativity Centre stands as a testament to our commitment for fostering artistic development. Here, your daughter will have the chance to engage in a multitude of cultural and artistic activities, such as drawing, painting, music, baking, cooking, crafts, and visual learning. Through these creative endeavors, we encourage self-expression, innovation, and personal growth.

Recognising the importance of holistic character development, we offer a wide range of sports, art, drama, and musical programmes. These activities provide a well-rounded educational experience, nurturing our girls’ character in all aspects of their lives.

Furthermore, we take pride in offering a variety of clubs and societies that cater to the diverse interests and passions of our students. These dedicated spaces provide an environment where your daughter can express herself freely and flourish in her chosen domain.

At St Mary’s, we celebrate and cherish the boundless potential within each individual.
Our commitment to fostering creativity and providing opportunities for self-expression is at the core of our extensive range of clubs and societies. Join us on this journey of artistic discovery, as we empower your daughter to embrace her unique talents and unleash her creative spirit.

Facilities offered

Ballet, Modern, and Hip-Hop Dance*
*These are paid-for extras

School map

From classrooms, boarding houses and even the Chapel, this easy to understand map will help you find your way through St Mary’s.

Grade R & Junior Primary

Quick FAQ

Is aftercare available?

Yes. It is available daily until 17:00. On half-term and break-up day it is available till 15:00.

What are the school times?

Grade R: Monday to Friday 07:20 to 12:25, Grade 1 and 2: 07:20 to 12:50, Grade 3: Monday to Thursday 07:20 to 13:50 and Friday 07:20 to 12:50.

What extra lessons are offered?

We have a wonderful SMART (St Mary‘s Accelerated Remedial and Therapy) Centre with qualified Remedial Specialists who are able to assist girls during the school day when required.

What are the channels of communication?

Although formal communication is through our mobile app, we invite parents to join our regular, termly coffee catch-ups. These informal discussion mornings are an opportunity to share with one another.

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and what are the benefits?

Emotional Intelligence (or EQ) is the ‘ability to understand, use, and manage emotions in positive ways’. Building a high EQ helps our girls communicate better, bounce back when faced with adversity, and show empathy.

Fees & Admissions

See fees in 2020 for all phases and application information.



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