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In Junior Primary, each girl’s personal growth is developed in a caring environment – focusing on growing her unique strengths, and encouraging them to build and grow friendships. The early developmental ages are the most important to start unlocking their potential and growth.


At St Mary‘s we focus on building character and inspiring young minds through specialised areas that are constantly being adapted to keep up to date with changing trends.

These include:

Learning in a loving, caring environment gives our Junior Primary and Grade R girls’ (known as Little Saints) a strong foundation. Our experienced, nurturing teachers cultivate and instil curiosity and a love of learning in girls with a major focus on their holistic development. Our philosophy is to promote a Growth Mindset and to challenge them to be curious. Through educational games, use of our world-class Creativity Centre (or CC as our girls call it) and free play, we inspire young minds – developing cognitive, social and creative thinking skills. A nature of spirituality is taught and encouraged in this phase staying true to our motto ‘Service Before Self and God Before All‘.

In our classrooms, we have enhanced sound systems that improve acoustics to create an optimal learning environment. These FM systems make it easier for children to hear the teacher clearly in the midst of general classroom noise – to maximise their listening skills and learning.

We also offer an aftercare facility, ‘Saints Kids’, for girls in Junior Primary and Senior Primary for your daughter’s safety, run by three full-time staff open every afternoon after school until 17:00. Girls are given a snack, supervised during homework, and enjoy time playing with their friends.

At St Mary’s we embrace each individual’s unique character and nurture them from a young age.

Our highly experienced, qualified teachers are passionate about inspiring our ‘Little Saints’ in a caring environment that allows them to openly express themselves through work and play. The ‘Little Saints’ are given the freedom to have fun and build long-lasting friendships together.

Our Little Saints girls benefit by being able to use the whole school facilities such as the Chapel, Amphitheatre, Sports Hall, water-based Astroturf, 2 x heated swimming pools and Creativity Centre.


Our approach to an all-round holistic education means we instil the opportunities for our girls not only to learn, but to learn to think. Our Senior Primary phase equips girls to build character and a curiosity for learning and problem-solving. We encourage our girls to achieve their personal best through our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Growth Mindset programmes.


Through excellent work ethic, committed teacher support, and an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) focussed programme, our girls have achieved a 100% pass rate for more than four decades. We teach our girls to believe the best in themselves, and others.

The girls’ final phase of their school career is most important and that’s why at St Mary’s, our committed teaching staff do everything they can to inspire our girls and help them become remarkable women – and the results speak for themselves.

Our Boarding facility, offered from Grade 8 to Grade 12, is a fun, safe, and secure environment which helps foster a strong sense of sisterhood, and gives girls the opportunity to get involved in school activities beyond the classroom.

We instil Christian values, encouraging our girls to nurture and grow their spiritual life through regular Chapel attendance.

The focus is on Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind and Healthy Body, which allows the girls to use all the opportunities at their disposal to ensure they become remarkable women.