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Matric Leavers' Tea 2018

On 11 September the Class of 2018 were treated to tea as a welcome to the St Mary’s Old Girls’ Guild. The presentations were held in the Creativity Centre for the first time, where the class heard some words of inspiration from three St Mary’s Old Girls. Chatting about their journeys, speakers included Ishara McKenna nee Bedi (2008) Associate Attorney, Sarah Bingham (2010) Entrepreneur, Brand Concept and Fashion Designer and Janet Solomon (1984), Artist, Activist and Film Producer.

Whilst these Old Girls’ stories were very diverse, the message shared by all three was to be brave and face one’s own fears. As agents for change, the girls are literally the future and they were encouraged to find their (radical) voice! They were reminded that God always has a greater plan and were urged to embrace change and work through disappointments, and learn from the mistakes and obstacles that life will undoubtedly throw at them.

The Matrics then enjoyed an array of snacks in Saints Café, and had a chance to chat to the speakers. 

Read more about our lovely speakers visit the Old Girls’ Facebook Page: St Mary's DSG, Kloof Old Girls.


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