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Congratulations Matric Class of 2019

6 January 2020

Congratulations Matric Class of 2019

We are extremely happy with the results the class of 2019 have achieved. Their results are outstanding and four girls feature in the commendable and outstanding lists. There are 22 instances of our girls achieving in the top 1% in their subject in the country. This is a reflection of the commitment and support that exists at St Mary’s between the teachers, parents and girls. We have again achieved a 100% Bachelor Degree pass rate and the girls earned 330 distinctions between them. This is an average of 3,4 A’s per pupil.

Special congratulations go to the four students who, on a national scale, have placed in the top 5% of students who wrote the IEB Examinations.

Achieving this in six subjects: Alexandra Dumas, Jenna Mills and Rachel Stead.

Achieving this in five subjects: Julia Moody.

This is one of the best set of results in the country and these girls have certainly represented themselves and our school well. The school average result is well above the national average in every subject.

We are also very proud that we have 22 instances of our pupils achieving in the top 1% nationally.  These were by subject:


Jenna Mills; Alexandra Dumas

Afrikaans First Additional Language

Jenna Mills; Rachel Stead; Alexandra Dumas; Alexis Favelin

Business Studies

Jenna Mills; Julia Barclay

English Home Language

Rebecca Rogers; Jenna Mills


Tayla Dent; Stephanie Lincoln


Keya Kalyan; Julia Barclay

Life Orientation

Alexandra Dumas; Rachel Stead

Mathematical Literacy

Jemma Smith


Alexandra Dumas; Jenna Mills

Physical Sciences

Julia Moody; Rachel Stead

Visual Arts 

Jodie Coetzee

 Of the 686 subject results, 78% were either an A or a B symbol. The focus on aiming for their personal best has paid off with most of the girls achieving just that. We are pleased to see so many rose to this challenge and worked consistently towards their own goals. Some girls had particularly difficult personal circumstances to contend with and they managed to perform extremely well and also achieved personal bests. 

2019 was a tough year in many respects and these results are a credit to our girls, their teachers and their parents for the support they have given them over many years. We thank all the teachers who have been a part of their educational journey from Grade R through to this final year. No individual year is more important than another in terms of learning and growth and it is so important that we make the most of each year. The hard work is worth it and the work ethic that develops sets them apart. 

Our average for individual subjects was 10,3% higher than the national average. In the subjects which usually receive more attention in the media, like Mathematics and Physical Science, we were 11% and 15% above the national average respectively. Our Accounting girls’ average was 17% above the national average. The Geography and Business Studies results were 13% higher than the national average and History, Music and isiZulu were all 11% above. These results show how well the girls performed compared to the rest of the country. They can be justifiably proud of themselves.

Alexandra Dumas placed in the top 1% in four subjects and also achieved distinctions in Advanced Programme Mathematics and Advanced Programme English. She ends her school career with 9 distinctions, and 5 of those were above 90%. Jenna Mills, our Dux for 2019, achieved 7 distinctions with an average of 94,2% and placed in the top 1% in 5 of her 7 subjects.

The spread of distinctions was as follows:

11 girls achieved 7 distinctions;

9 girls achieved 6 distinctions;

9 girls achieved 5 distinctions;

13 girls achieved 4 distinctions;

16 girls achieved 3 distinctions;

15 girls achieved 2 distinctions and

15 girls achieved 1 distinction.

Well done girls, we are so proud of what each one of you has achieved this year!

Jonathan Manley

Executive Principal



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