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Class of 2018 - Remarkable Matric Results

We are extremely happy with the results the class of 2018 have achieved. Their results are outstanding and six girls feature in the commendable and outstanding lists. There are 23 instances of our girls achieving in the top 1% in their subject in the country. This is a reflection of the commitment and support that exists at St Mary’s between the teachers, parents and girls. We have again achieved a 100% Bachelors Degree pass rate and the girls earned 289 distinctions between them.

Special congratulations go to the six students who, on a national scale, have placed in the top 5% of students who wrote the IEB Examinations. 
Achieving this in five subjects are: Nicole Gibbs, Nicola Havenga and Zoë McCathie.
Achieving this in six subjects are: Megan Evans, Hannah Norcott and Emily Strauss.
This is one of the best set of results in the country and these girls have certainly represented themselves and our school well.

We are also very proud that we have 23 instances of our pupils achieving in the top 1% nationally. These were, by subject:
Accounting: Megan Evans; Nicola Havenga; Holly Trott;
Afrikaans First Additional Language: Nicola Havenga; Annaretha Schoeman
Business Studies: Holly Trott
English Home Language: Emily Strauss; Hannah Norcott
Geography: Emily Strauss; Natasha Ndawo
History: Zoë McCathie; Emily Strauss; Aimee Foord
Isizulu First Additional Language: Natasha Ndawo; Happiness Zulu; Zoleka Magagula
Life Orientation: Kirsti Leaf
Life Sciences: Emily Strauss; Jodie Conolly
Mathematics: Hannah Norcott; Hannah Willows 
Physical Sciences: Megan Evans
Visual Arts: Aimee Foord

Of the 700 subject results, 75% were either an A or a B symbol. We can be very happy with the standard this Matric class maintained and the outstanding work ethic from every individual girl. We focus on encouraging them to aim for their personal best, and we are pleased to see so many rose to this challenge and achieved personal bests.

These results speak to the work that is done over many years, from Grade R through to Matric, each phase and stage adding and developing their capacity and confidence in their ability. In a time when there is increasing pressure on teenagers, we strive to equip our girls with the emotional and social skills so that they can quietly and confidently aim to produce their best. It is worth mentioning that without a strong and meaningful relationship with parents, these results would not be possible. The teachers who have supported and encouraged these girls throughout their school career, used the trust and respect from the parents as a foundation. It goes without saying that unless this partnership existed, the girls would not have been able to produce this remarkable set of results.

Our average for individual subjects was on average 8% higher than the national average. In the subjects which usually receive more attention in the media and internationally, like Mathematics and Physical Science, we were 9% and 10% above the national average respectively. Our Accounting girls’ average was 15% above the national average.

Interestingly, when one compares our percentage of distinctions a subject achieved versus what the national average number of distinctions was, it brings a meaningful perspective to how well our girls did in the national “bigger picture”. Our Physical Sciences results had 48% distinctions which nationally was at 19%. Accounting had 54% distinctions versus the national average of 27%, and Mathematics had 38% distinctions versus the national average of 26%.

Whilst the Sciences tend to be used as benchmarks for academic performance, we know that the Arts and Humanities are equally important and we are proud of the girls’ performance in these subjects. History, for example, achieved 55% distinctions compared to the national average of 24%. Geography achieved 38% distinctions compared to 16% the national average achieved. Visual Art achieved 62% distinctions compared to the national average of 32%. Drama achieved 65% distinctions compared to 39% of the national average.

Emily Strauss placed in the top 1% in four subjects and also achieved distinctions in Advanced Programme Mathematics and Advanced Programme English. She ends her school career with 9 distinctions, and 7 of those were above 90%. Hannah Norcott, Zoë McCathie and Megan Evans also took Advanced Programme Subjects and achieved distinctions in these, so they achieved 8 distinctions each. Annaretha Schoeman, Nicola Havenga, Jessica Spies and Hannah Willows all achieved 7 distinctions. 

12 girls achieved 6 distinctions; 
4 girls achieved 5 distinctions; 
12 girls achieved 4 distinctions; 
14 achieved 3 distinctions; 
9 girls achieved 2 distinctions and 
28 achieved 1 distinction.

When we look at the girls’ aggregates, 15 of the 100 girls achieved an aggregate above 85% and 5 of those were above 90%.

Well done girls, we are so proud of what each one of you has achieved this year!


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