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Chapter Chat

24 March 2022

Our very own Jonathan Manley, who is a prolific reader, reviews some of his most topical reads for our St Mary’s Foundation Trust Chapter Chat.

Issue 1:

NEW YORK TIMES bestseller NO RULES RULES NETFLIX and the Culture of Reinvention by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer. The review touches on how “No Rules Rules” is the business culture at Netflix which has allowed disruption and successful innovation.

Issue 2:

THINK AGAIN by Adam Grant, which highlights the power of rethinking and knowing what you don’t know. This is applicable to everyday life as well as in a business context.

Watch out for future reads which will cover topics like leadership, entrepreneurship, parenting and raising girls.


Issue 1

This month’s Foundation Trust Chapter Chat is COURAGE IS CALLING by Ryan Holiday, which focuses on manifesting courage. The author clearly shows how fortune favours the brave and how overcoming fear and finding courage takes practise and preparation.

Download the PDFs for the full review.

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