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Mrs Louise Taylor

Mrs Louise Taylor

Deputy Head: Head of Boarding

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At St Mary’s, our boarding facility welcomes girls from Grade 8 to Matric, on a weekly, termly, and flexi boarding basis, offering them a nurturing space to foster independence and cultivate friendships.

Our priority is to create a homely atmosphere, ensuring that every girl feels embraced by a warm, safe, and caring environment that allows her to excel in all areas of her life. Within our community, she will not only learn valuable lessons in independence, resilience, and life skills, but also forge strong bonds of sisterhood with girls her own age.

The sound of laughter echoing through the corridors, the joy of walking hand in hand to the Dining Room for supper, and the peaceful moments spent relaxing in their rooms in the afternoon are all part of a typical day in our boarding program, which fosters a sense of belonging and happiness, ensuring one large, harmonious family.

Our dedicated in-house catering staff prepares and serves nutritious meals, accommodating various dietary preferences. Although we accommodate vegetarians, we are not a Halaal certified school. With well-trained boarding staff members ensuring smooth operations and the safety of all girls, our four boarding houses provide nurturing and secure environments where girls can truly thrive.





It’s about the memories, the laughs, the light that is shared between life-long friends. The innovative teaching that leaves its mark on her, forever. It’s about writing the script for her own life.

Choosing a boarding school that has global standards and Christian values, is a choice not just for her academics and sports career, but for her. It’s about finding a home away from home. Because home is where the heart is.

Allowing her to find herself, find her people – that will help her bridge the gap between herself and her brightest most ambitious goals.

This school is more than just a learning institution, it’s a community of empowered women who will become friends for life. It’s a choice that will shape her life’s journey.

Her home away from home, her sisterhood. Because home is where you can make lifelong friends.


A sisterhood bond is forged through a multitude of activities that bring students together. Our boarding houses offer spacious and cozy bedrooms, providing a sanctuary for our students.

Imagine cooking up a storm with your best friends over the weekend, supporting and cheering on your sisters during sports events, and enjoying endless sleepovers filled with laughter and shared memories.

Each house boasts a welcoming common room, where girls can unwind, engage in heartfelt conversations, savour a cup of tea, or indulge in a tasty snack while enjoying scheduled television time.

Our commitment to creating an optimal learning environment extends to our well-equipped and tranquil library, where students in grades 8, 9, and 10 can comfortably tackle their homework. For our older students in grades 11 and 12, their rooms are furnished with dedicated desks, allowing them to focus on their studies. With our WiFi-enabled campus, connectivity is readily available, enabling students to access the resources they need.

The environment we aim to create is fostered in the belief that young ladies need to be equipped with the skills to live a productive life.

These skills are not just taught in the classroom, but by living in a community with others.

Respect, trust, integrity, academics, sport, friendships, relationships and life skills are all necessary experiences for adulthood and our students are encouraged to develop social skills as well as their ability to work independently on both academic and in their personal interests. Boarders are encouraged to create an environment of cooperation and understanding between each other.


We offer world-class facilities and recreational activities to ensure that our students have a balanced and fulfilling experience. From state-of-the-art educational, sports and boarding facilities, we provide an environment that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. But it’s not just about the facilities; it’s about the people. Our experienced and dedicated staff are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive community, where every student can flourish.

Taking advantage of our unique location in the Kloof area, Our boarders are provided with excellent on-site as well as out of school activities. We are situated within easy reach of many amazing opportunities and we ensure that our activities programme balances culture with fun.

Activities for our students include golfing practice, hiking, horse-riding, market days, games evenings, parent-social evenings, first aid courses and more!

Our community is built upon the foundations of respect, responsibility and resilience. These are honed and developed over time and with the utmost care to provide the right opportunities for girls to negotiate as they journey through their adolescent years. It is through a partnership between the home, school and boarding house that this is achieved.

Boarding House

Grade 8: Winder House - 4 beds to a room
Grade 9, and Grade 10: St Elizabeth’s - 3 to 6 beds in a room
Grade 11s: Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu House - 2 beds in a room
Grade 11 and Grade 12: Staines House - Single rooms



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