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Welcome to St Mary's DSG Kloof

STM 300


Think where talent will take her one day, if she's in the right place today.

Since 1906 our girls have graduated to see, and seize, every opportunity.  Their achievements begin with the motivation we build, within these historic walls.  At St Mary's we aim not only to teach - but to inspire.  Come and see where tomorrow's top women are beginning their journey.

Grade 9 Journey

We are constantly looking for ways to educate beyond the boundaries of our classroom and 'official curriculum' walls.  The Journey in Grade 9 is such a wonderful learning opportunity for the girls because it is an authentic challenge.  

21 days hiking in the Winterton and Berg area with only a backpack and their journey 'family' consisting of 2 adults and 18 pupils.  No contact with home via cellphone and only handwritten letters delivered to loved ones.  What an amazing life-changing experience.  Leaving on the journey and returning 21 days later as inspired, independent, incredible young women.


St Mary's DSG, Kloof, in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, is a prestigious private girls' school with exceptional facilities, offering a wide range of choices in the academic, sporting and cultural spheres to students from Grade R to Grade 12.  

Day scholars are accommodated throughout the school, with boarding available from Grade 8.  The school is situated in over 9 hectares of beautiful grounds, 660 metres above sea level overlooking Durban and the Indian Ocean, 24 kilometres away.

At St Mary's we strive to help each pupil to gain in confidence whilst gaining in skills, and to develop as a person whilst developing academically, physically, culturally and spiritually. Each student has opportunities to excel - leading to higher self esteem and all-round achievement.

We offer a balance in many facets - between the mind and body; the temporal and spiritual; between discipline and freedom; tolerance and understanding; between tradition and innovation; leadership and service - and even in climate.

Click here to see the location and directions to the school.  St Mary's is a member of the Independent Schools Association of South Africa (ISASA).


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Tel: 031 764 9800
Fax: 031-7640011
Emergencies only 0317644679
International: +27-31-7649800

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St Mary's DSG Kloof

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